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Mr. Shubhdeep Murria is the Director of POCA LAWYERS CONSULTANTS Ltd and is recognised as being one of the leading Solicitors in the field of Proceeds of Crime and Confiscation by his fellow professionals. He has been a qualified Solicitor since 1999 and has been undertaking this type of work since 1996, he has managed to build up a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with such cases which are extremely complex both on the facts and the law. Mr. Murria has been specialising in this field for in excess of 20 years, he has worked for some of the most established firms of Solicitors in the country where he proved to be a true leader. He also ran his own practice for a number of years, however, in order to concentrate on doing what he is best at doing, advising clients and case preparation, he now works as a Consultant for primarily 2 firms of Solicitors acting for clients.

Confiscation proceedings, and other matters associated with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA 2002) can be very complex and in some cases can be of greater importance to individuals than the initial criminal offences that are faced. It is therefore of vital importance that individuals who face proceedings under POCA 2002 and cases which could lead to Confiscation proceedings have the right professionals on their side. There are not many Solicitors, like Mr Murria, who are dedicated and specialists with matters relating to Confiscation proceedings ( Criminal Justice Act 1988, Drug Trafficking Act 1994 but primarily Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 ) and related proceedings under POCA 2002 including Restraint Orders, Civil Recovery Orders, Property Freezing Orders, Cash Seizures including detention and forfeiture. Notwithstanding its importance, the obscurantist statutory language and revolutionary concepts are sometimes difficult to understand.

In his many years of practice, Mr. Murria has been able to secure clients on their substantive criminal proceedings due to the expertise he has been able to demonstrate at the outset on matters relating to POCA proceedings. He has a great ability to be able to explain matters and the law to clients in a manner which is understandable to them.

Mr. Murria deals with his cases deploying common sense and logic from the outset and ensures that the matter is progressed in a strategic manner. He ensures that the cases are dealt with efficiently and with great care and detail being given to even matters of a minor nature. He has built up very good relationships with Leading Queens Counsel and Counsel who specialise in Confiscation proceedings and POCA 2002.

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